Бабенко Андрей Сергеевич


Заведующий кафедрой, каф. защиты растений
Директор центра,



Professor of Ecology,

Biological Institute


May 15, 1956









36, Lenina Pr., Biological Institute, Tomsk State University, 634050, Tomsk, Russia




Doctor's degree in Ecology, Dissertation Board at Agricultural University (Novosibirsk) “Ecology of Staphylinidae in the forests and destroyed territories of Siberia”.


PhD in Entomology, Dissertation Zoological Board at Biological Institute Academy of Science (Novosibirsk)

Thesis: "Rove beetles of south taiga zone of West Siberia".


Graduated from the Tomsk State University M.Sc. (Diploma in Biology). Thesis: "Staphylinidae of West Altai Mountains ", supervised by Dr Yu. Zolotarenko.


Study in Tomsk State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science.


2016 – present time:

Professor and Head of Agricultural Biology Department, Tomsk State University

1995 – 2016

Head of Plant Protection Department, Tomsk State University, professor since 2001

1987 – 1995

Head of Laboratory, Research Institute of Biology & Biophysics at Tomsk State University..

1981 – 1987

Research Fellow, Research Institute of Biology & Biophysics at Tomsk State University.

1978 – 1981

PhD Student, Invertebrate Zoology Department, Tomsk State University.


Since 2015

Member of Editorial Board of Applied Studies in Agribusiness

and Commerce Journal

Since 2005

Member of Academic Council of Tomsk State University.

Since 1982

Member of Russian Soil Science Society.

Since 1978

Member of Russian Entomological Society.



George Soros Foundation Award (1992-93)

Tempus-Tacis: T-JEP 10217-96, D-CP 20589-99

RFFI Siberia № 94-104-03102


Fulbright Program Lecture Fellowship (2001-2002)

Rockefeller Foundation Award (2003)

Green Fund Grants (2010, 2016)






In 1997-2000 have worked in Oxford and Sheffield Universities (UK) and in Utrecht University (the Netherlands) under Master Degree Environmental Management courses. In 2001-2002 have worked as a Fulbright Scholar in Ohio State University (USA). Participated in the scientific meetings and educational projects with colleagues from Dresden University (Germany), Wageningen University (the Netherlands), University of Oslo (Norway).




Soil Invertebrates Ecology; Bio-Indication of Disturbed Lands

Biological Methods of Waste Decomposition

Environmental Education and Environmental Management; Quality Management




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