Вайшля Ольга Борисовна



Phone: +7-3822-529-543 Tomsk State University planta@mail.tomsknet.ru Lenin Av., 36 Tomsk 634050 Russia

Relevant Data

Date/Place of Birth: 9 October 1960, Novosibirsk, Russia

Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent)

Citizenship: Russian


Academic Background

2004 – Doctorate, Thesis Title: “Physiological-Biochemical Characteristics of Production Process of Heterotic hybrids and Parental forms of Pisum sativum L. ”. Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia.

1992 – PhD, Thesis Title: “Photosynthesis and Respiration Interactions in Leaves of Pea Chlorophyll Mutants and their F1 Heterotic Hybrids with a norm”. Saint-Petersburg University, Russia

1983 – Diploma of a Specialist in Biology, Dpt of Cytology and Genetics, Biological-Soil College of Tomsk State University


Teaching Experience

2010 – present, Assoc. Professor of Dpt of Vertebrate Zoology and Ecology, Biological Institute of Tomsk State University

1994 – 2010, Assoc. Professor of Dpt of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, Biological Institute of Tomsk State University

1985 – 1994, Supervisor of diploma works, Senior Researcher of Laboratory of Photosynthesis of The Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics of Tomsk State University


Lecture courses

For Bachelors
1. Biochemistry with the basics of Molecular Biology – Specialty “Ecology”
2. Introduction to Molecular Biology – Specialty “Agricultural Biotechnology”

3.Concepts of Modern Science – Specialty “Journalism” and Specialty “Philology”
4. Plant Immunity – Specialty “Plant Protection”

For Masters grounding in the direction of “Ecology and Nature”
5. New Generation of Biosensors for Ecology and Medicine
6. Industrial Innovations in Ecology
7. Modern Problems of Applied Ecology
8. Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

For Masters grounding in the direction of “Biology”
9 . Industrial Innovations in Biology
10. Photosynthesis and Production Process (MOODLE)
11. Environmental Security in The Agricultural Industry


Visiting Professor

1998 – USA, Princeton University, Massachusetts University, IREX Program “Community Connections”


Supervisor of International programs

2007 – present, USA, Ohio State University Exchange Student Program “Bringing the Green Industries of the World Together ”

2002 – USA, Ohio State University Program “Study Abroad” in Russia: “Environment and Development under transition Economy ”


Research Experience

International Trainings

2011 – Institute National Research of Agriculture and Ecology (INRA), Dpt Tree-Microbe Interactions, France

2010 – INRA-Nancy/Université Henri Poincaré, France

2007 – Ludwig-Maximilians-Munchen University, Dpt Biology I and GeoBio-Center, Germany

2001 – USDA, Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center, Dpt of Plant Pathology, USA

1999 – Universities of IV-league in USA: IREX Program “Community Connections”, USA


International Grants

2012 – present, INRA-ACCAF project “The Agro-potential of Western Siberia Territories in a Changing Climate”, ERA.Net RUS: № ST Projects-226, Project acronym: A-WeST-CC

2012 – AllTech grant in the section “Life sciences”


1995, 1997 – J. Soros Fund two grants


Russian Grants, last 5 years

2015 – present, Federal grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 15-29-02588 “Biodiversity of Macromycetes Forming Ectomycorrhizas in Cedar and Pine Forests of Tomsk Region of West Siberia”

2012 – present, Federal grant “Structural and Functional State of Forest Ecosystems under Anthropogenic effects”

2010-2012 – grant № P-680 of Federal ProgramResource Assessment and Prediction of The State of the Biosphere and Lithosphere”

2010 – 2015 – Federal ProgramThe Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) “Start”





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