MCs courses

List of courses - International MSc in Biodiversity
A Basic courses
1 Philosophical problems of natural sciences
2 Academic English
3 Bioinformatics
4 Academic writing
5 History and methodology of biology
6 Bioethics and modern problems of biology
7 Ecology and Evolution
8 Statistics
B Advanced courses
9 Ecosystem services, environmental economics and politics
10 Conservation Genetics
11 Microbiologic diversity
12 GIS
13 Environmental physiology
14 Systematics and phylogenetics
15 Biodiversity and biogeography
16 Conservation biology
C Specialised courses (the student will choose one of the two variants)
17 Global changes and environmental dynamics OR Landscape ecology and diversity
18 Geobotany OR Soil geography
19 Lichens, algae, fungi, mosses identification and diversity OR Aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates identification and diversity
20 Vascular plants identification and diversity OR Vertebrates identification and diversity